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Anti-Money Laundering Compliance in Cryptocurrency

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About Us

CryptoCompli is a consulting firm focused on the compliance needs of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. CryptoCompli takes the time to intimately understand the unique characteristics, mechanisms, and processes of our client’s cryptocurrency businesses and tailors its approach accordingly.

The firm is uniquely qualified to help cryptocurrency businesses and other financial services businesses.

  • We are experienced outside counsel to innovative cryptocurrency, blockchain, Web3, and metaverse clients.
  • We’ve worked on complex compliance operations at Tier-1 Fortune 50 commercial and investment banks.
  • We’ve piloted compliance programs and overseen blockchain forensic investigations at FinTechs and Money Services Businesses (MSBs).
  • We are CAMS-certified (CAMS is the gold-standard of qualifications for anti-money laundering professionals). We hold additional certifications in blockchain technology.
  • We are ourselves crypto investors, and regularly write on the subjects of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • We’ve advised on anti-money laundering compliance, litigation, high volume trading, money transmission licensing, NFT intellectual property matters, and more.

CryptoCompli works with a wide range of cryptocurrency and Web3 businesses to address compliance needs:

  • Financial Institution Institutions Leveraging Blockchain Technology
    Whether your business needs an anti-money laundering compliance policy, a well-developed BSA/AML risk assessment to help you identify money laundering and terrorist financing risks, an independent review to monitor the adequacy of your AML program, or someone to take you through a state money transmitter application, CryptoCompli offers you experienced counsel who can help give your organization piece of mind when it comes to developing a sound anti-money laundering compliance program. We can also act as interim compliance officer for your institution if needed.
  • NFT Creators and Traders
    We’ve assisted NFT creators secure their intellectual property with licenses and trademarks, and understand the risks of market manipulation on the NFT market. We can connect you with top IP law experts when needed.
  • Metaverse and Web 3.0 Patrons
    Whether you are the victim of fraud that occurred in a metaverse, or simply want to ensure that your metaverse has the controls it needs to prevent its users from becoming ready victim to bad actors, CryptoCompli has the metaverse expertise to help prevent bad activity from occurring, or advise you on pursuing perpetrators who have already acted.
  • DeFi and Derivatives Trading Industries
    CryptoCompli is committed to understanding high-volume cryptocurrency trading and takes the time to keep up with developments in the DeFi space. We are ready to help your organization understand what compliance means for businesses in this space.
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CryptoCompli offers a full-range of compliance services, such as:


Drafting Risk Assessments

A well-developed BSA/AML risk assessment helps financial services businesses better identify money laundering and terrorist financing risks while also helping the business to develop internal controls such as policies, procedures, and processes to mitigate those risks. This is a critical first step for cryptocurrency businesses in designing sound AML compliance programs.

Acting as Interim Compliance Officer

A proactive and diligent compliance officer is essential to keeping your cryptocurrency businesses up to speed with ever-changing laws and regulations, dealing with authorities, identifying weaknesses in your AML program and responding in an appropriate manner.

Conducting Independent Reviews

FinCEN notes that “[t]he primary purpose of an independent review is to monitor the adequacy of a money services business’ anti-money laundering program. The review should determine whether the business is operating in compliance with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act and the business’ own policies and procedures . . . The scope and frequency of the review must be commensurate with the risk of the financial services provided by the money services business.” As veterans of the financial services industry, CryptoCompli professionals can get these tasks done for your cryptocurrency business.

Filling-in as Analyst

If your cryptocurrency business needs an analyst but doesn’t want to commit to bringing on a full-time permanent employee just yet, CryptoCompli can step-in and perform functions such as transaction monitoring, SAR and CTR writing, OFAC screening, and related services. Our professionals are seasoned analysts within the cryptocurrency space who can perform, among other services, look back and backlog surge support services.